Frequently Asked Questions
Common NCLEX- NGN questions with appropriate up to date Answers !

265 Maximum ( Covid protocol depends) for NCLEX RN 205Maximum ( Covid protocol depends) for NCLEX PN

This course is framed to cover all NCLEX topics. It is formulated by highly knowledgeable and skilled persons in Nursing field. completely accessible 24 X 7 on a laptop or smartphone with internet at your convenience.

National council licensure examination

75 ( Covid protocol depends) ---NCLEX RN 85 ( Covid protocol depends) ---NCLEX PN

6 Hrs. ( Covid protocol depends) ---- NCLEX RN 5 Hrs. ( Covid protocol depends) ---- NCLEX PN

Detailed report of scores with categories will be sent to your email/by post. With the help of report and detailed study, you can retake the examination after 45 days


Approximately 45 days after the date of graduation.

A note board would be provided to you. But you are prohibited to carry personal items like writing instruments or paper to examination hall.


NCLEX RN logit is 0.00 passing score referred to as logit. A logit is a unit that compares your capability to get difficult questions right. NCLEX PN logit is -0.18

Early preparation, Practice number of questions daily, detailed topic preparation, stress management, make a study plan, Invest resources, Use process of elimination, Justify/reason out and choose best answer ! "Good luck from Win RN"